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5 reasons to go to the Gym


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We speculate every morning or evening if we should or shouldn’t get up and head to the gym. Let me put in some facts here for you which might have enough incentive for you to get your lazy self to the gym. We have a hundred reasons not to head off for a good workout but the positives of heading to the gym diminish to an extent when we are debating if we should go to the gym.

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Taking 30 – 45 a day to make you better (physically and mentally) is/should be required. But in case you’re still not 100% on going to the gym tonight here’s 5 reasons you should:


* First and foremost, it will make you feel better. Any kind of physical activity increases the oxygen and blood flow in our body thus making us feel better both physically and psychologically.


* Think of it as an investment. Any type of investment needs time for the results to show. Heading to the gym is also similar, you put in the hours on a daily or alternate day basis and results are bound to show in the near future.


* Its keeps us at bay from lung and heart diseases and also helps to improve our stamina and flexibility.


* One of the most well-known facts is that it helps us getting into shape, especially for the people who are a tad bit over weight and helps in gaining mass for the skinnier.


* Finally, the most important point it will make you spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend happy and they will see you from a different perspective. So go out to the gym work out and enjoy the benefits from it.


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2 Responses to Why Go to The Gym

  1. Prasanjit choudhury says:

    I do jym everyday.
    Jym is my life.

  2. Prasanjit choudhury says:

    I do jym everyday.
    Jym is my life.

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