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5 things to do if you can’t go to a gym and still want to stay in shape

Let’s face it; in today’s busy life people hardly have time for themselves, leave aside time for going to the gym. But not having time doesn’t mean that we can’t incorporate healthy habits into our lives. Here are some easy tips to follow through the day to keep you in good shape and looking good.


  • Food – probably the single most integral part of fitness is to ration what we take into our bodies. Eating food in the right proportion and at right times is a strong component of a healthy and fit life.


  • Try taking the stairs whenever possible– who like to go up numerous stories taking the stairs and not the elevator. Most of us, if not all. Taking the stairs is a cardio workout in itself. So from tomorrow try opting for stairs whenever possible.


  • Cycling to work– this is for all those people who reside within fifteen minutes of their work place. Pick up your bike and ride to work. Nothing like physical activity early in the morning. It is simple and efficient too. You gain on all terms and you save on the gas money.


  • Avoid caffeinated drinks– the world has become as dependent on coffee as they are the only source of a fresh morning. Try getting a good sleep of 6-8 hours; one wouldn’t require external add-ons like coffee or any stimulant for that purpose.


  • Maintain a good posture– while at work we keep sitting on chair, sitting on that chair all day does a lot of harm to our body and hurts our back the most. Try maintaining a good posture while sitting and make sure you get up after an hour or so to take a short thirty seconds walk to loosen up the body.


Try following these short tips in you day to day life and see the changes it brings along.

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