Many people working out in gym, especially youngsters tend to ignore their lower body and focus in upper body first. This is one of the biggest mistake which a bodybuilder can do. Squats is one such exercise for our body that not just develops great leg muscles, but also brings about the full lower body portion including abs and improves body structure. Rather squats helps in building the base of your body. Despite of prior importance if the exercise, people either wanna neglect it or does it in a wrong way leading injuries. Before reading further, you should keep in mind that squats should always be prioritized and should be a major part of your body workout in gym. And those of you who don’t know how to perform it correctly, sit back and relax because i will tell tell you everything you need to do, to perform a perfect Squat. Read More –>

As i always say that the correct form of every exercise is prior to lifting heavy weights. But for squats the form and weight both matters equally. Rather regular gymmers should lift 1.5 times their body weight in Kg for squats, and atleast for 1 repetition. This is the best proven result oriented way for amazing lower body. But if you are a beginner or wanna reduce your belly, then lay emphasis of the correct form.



Squats Correct Form:


  • You should start on with light weight, equally on both sides of the bar. Adjust yourself in the rack type arena for this exercise.
  • Now stand below the rod and place it on your shoulders, behind your neck.
  • Make sure your neck is at the midpoint of the bar.
  • Now after holding the bar, slowly move back a little to ensure ample space to perform.
  • Your feet should be at your shoulder width apart aligned equally, toes should point forward and knees should be unbent. This is the starting position.
  • Now keeping your back straight and knees parallel, slowly inhale and bend down till your knees are almost perpendicular to thighs.
  • Now slowly exhale and push up your body by your thighs. Make sure that you do not lock the knees at the top, and keep them slightly bent.
  • Repeat all the above steps. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.

Leg Squats Tips:


  • Always have a spotter with you while performing squat.
  • To avoid injuries, start with a light weight and then slowly move on to heavy squats as motivation is good, but over motivation can be harmful.
  • Always perform full range motion for peak results.

John Cena Squat Video

Squats Muscles Used:


Squats Muscles

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