African Diet


Starch is the main ingredient in any African diet. Mush made from corn and millet, are cooked into popular dishes like griddle cakes, grits and flatbreads. In some regions, meat is also a part of their meal. Lets check South ,Eastern and Western African diets:


South African Diet:

  • Starch based diet is most common in the meal of South Africans.
  • Their meal mainly consists of sweet potato yams, cornmeal, and a variety of green items.
  • Indian and Malaysian food add-ons like tomatoes, peanuts, chilies and spices are often used in cooking their food.
  • Food are generally cooked in coconut or palm oil.




East African Diet:


  • Even in East African region, Starch remains the main ingredient in their meal, with few add-ons.
  • East Africans does not prefer meat, as they believe that animals like Cow, Goat and Sheep are holy sacred.
  • Their daily diet includes lots of milk, bananas, millet and sorghum.



West African Diet:


  • West African Diet mainly has fish, chicken and other types of meats, made into stew.
  • For seasoning, cooks prefer onions, chili oil in bulk and yams for spicy and tasty dishes.
  • They also have homemade breads and mush in their daily meal.


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