Selena Gomez Workout and Diet


Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez

The cutest Disney star and singer Selena was born on 22nd July 1992 in Grand Prairie Texas. She was merely  seven years old when she made her debut in acting. Later on in 2004, she entered the Disney world, where she made her singing debut in 2008 for the album Disney Mania 6. She is not a tall girl, has a height of 5ft 5 inches, but likes to stay fit and is conscious about her diet and workout regime. Reportedly, many times she has been seen working out in gym. So lets check out her diet plan and what actually she does in gym. Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine


Cristiano Ronaldo


CR7 as the world knows him. Ronaldo is the present captain of the Portugal football team. He started off his club career with Manchester United and has been the part of their champions league winning team. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid when he was offered a record breaking contract off 128 million dollars. He has seen many highs and lows in his career, his latest high being when he took his national team to the semifinals of the euro cup. In his club season for Real Madrid he scored a whopping 60 goals and was second behind Lionel Messi. Ronaldo has a child but is not married. Here is the workout plan for Cristiano Ronaldo which keeps him in such tight condition. Continue reading

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Staying trim Without Hitting the Gym Everyday

Home Workout and Gym


5 things to do if you can’t go to a gym and still want to stay in shape

Let’s face it; in today’s busy life people hardly have time for themselves, leave aside time for going to the gym. But not having time doesn’t mean that we can’t incorporate healthy habits into our lives. Here are some easy tips to follow through the day to keep you in good shape and looking good. Continue reading

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Megan Fox Diet


Megan Fox

Megan Fox Diet

You all will agree that Megan Fox has the hottest body in Hollywood. Megan has a height of 5’6″ and her weight is 114 lbs, To maintain such an enviable figure, diet plays a very important role. So, is this hottie dieting all the time? If this is the question popping-up in your mind then search no more, as we have gathered invaluable information on her daily diet plan and eating habits. Continue reading

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5 Injury Prone Exercises in Gym

Now a days almost everyone, from a teenager to a working woman, works out to be Healthy. And for workout, going to Gym is considered to be the best and convenient way to maintain weight, gain muscles, stay fit and be in shape. And most people especially the beginners who aim to gain muscles quickly or get bulky tends to ignore the correct form of exercises and does not take proper guidance to perform the exercise. They often copy other bodybuilders in gym, or reads from a magazine, or see workout videos of wrestlers and stuffs, and does same exercise in gym when they work out. This can be dangerous and can lead to injuries that may be severe in most cases. So i advice that you should always ask the certified trainer for the correct form, suitable weights and duration for an exercise before you actually start your fitness regime. Here are 5 most injury prone exercise that may keep you out of gym if not performed with care and correct form. Continue reading

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Deadlift is one of the best compound exercise that works on many muscles at the same time and builds the perfect Upper body. It not only increases the mass and strength of back muscles but also builds overall body strength and structure. If you want to build huge arms, then this exercise will help to get them, as it is compound exercise and involves forearms and biceps to a great extent. So you simply cannot afford to miss this exercise for every time you hit the gym. But don’t get excited, reportedly this exercise has injured maximum number of bodybuilders. So correct form and few precautions is must for the Deadlift. Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Papaya



Papaya is not only rich in taste but is also very beneficial for health. This fruit is very easily available in every season. It has vitamin A, C, and beta carotene. At the same time vitamin B and Vitamin D in small quantities is also found in it. The Papain enzyme in it is very useful for the digestive system of the body. Papaya is a natural remedy to for indigestion, constipation and bleeding piles as well. Continue reading

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Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout Tips

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout

Shahrukh Khan, the name is enough. SRK is the biggest movie star on earth. His stardom is on the very top of all the industries of cinema. With millions of fans following him wherever he goes, SRK is on the top. His brilliant looks and acting  has made him the heart throbe of Bollywood. He is also one of the fittest actor and has managed to stay healthy even after being addicted to smoking. Continue reading

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Turmeric Prevents Cancer




From the ancient times turmeric is used in the form of Antiseptic In India. Even now the Western countries are proving it by their research. In a recent research in America it has been found that even terrible diseases like breast cancer can be prevented by the use of turmeric. Continue reading

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Front Squats


Front Squats


Another form of Squats ,the Front squats can really help you achieve that great lower body. The only difference here is that the barbell is placed ahead of the shoulder blades rather than behind the neck like in Squats. Quadriceps muscles are targeted the most in this exercise. Front squats are often interpreted wrongly leading to injuries which can keep you out of gym. So, one should lay emphasis on the correct form while performing squats for peak results. The key for front squats is that its your shoulders which will hold the barbell and not your wrist. It will hurt you if you try supporting weight with your hands. Continue reading

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