Lying Barbell Triceps Extensions



If your wanna build huge triceps muscles, then this exercise is just for you. Triceps Extensions is an isolated exercise that puts intense stress on┬álarge inner head of the tricep muscle. It is a bit difficult exercise and many people tends to ignore this. But if you follow the correct form as given here, then you just be amazed to see the muscle gains and appearance of your triceps. Barbell Triceps Extension is rated:- 9 out of 10 –EXCELLENT.

 Many people lay emphasis on the weight of the bar, and not on the correct form. This can cause injuries and no muscle gain. So Correct form of every exercise is prior to lifting heavy.

Triceps Extensions Correct Form:




  • Lie back on a flat bench with your feet shoulder width apart on each side of the bench.
  • Let the training partner hand you the bar with moderate weight.
  • Your arms should be perpendicular to the bench, this is the starting position.
  • Keeping your upper arms always straight and motionless, bend your elbows down till it touches your forehead.
  • Now slowly exhale and push the bar up to the starting position, keeping your upper arms motionless and perpendicular.
  • You should feel the pressure on your triceps as you push up the bar.
  • Repeat all the above steps, do 3-4 sets with 10-12 repetitions each.


Triceps Extension video will help you understand this exercise:






  • Let the helper hand you the bar while you lie flat on the bench.
  • Never try to pull heavy weights and swing your arms. This may cause injuries on muscle damage.
  • For variety, you may perform this exercise with dumbbells or straight bar.


Barbell Triceps Extensions Muscles Worked:



This exercise works mainly on the large inner head of the tricep muscle. Check the Muscle Map for details of these muscles and position in our body.



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  1. Maria Moura says:

    nice thank you for sharing most informative ideas and also your good view

  2. Maria Moura says:

    nice thank you for sharing most informative ideas and also your good view

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