Leg Press

Leg Press


Leg Press

The most common exercise to tone up the legs is Leg Press. It works on major leg muscles including quadriceps and hamstrings. It involves pushing of weight away from body using legs. This exercise can be used to test lower body strength. Calves muscles are also worked partially. If you are one of them who wanna gain big muscles, then this exercise is just for you. Read More –>

Correct form of every exercise is prior ro lifting heavy weights in order to prevent injuries. For Presses, if you wanna avoid joint pain, sprains and injuries then you must follow the correct technique.


Leg Press Machine


Leg Press Correct Form:


  • Sit on the machine with your legs shoulder width apart on the platform.
  • our toes should always point forward and not turned at any angle. This may prevent prevent injuries.
  • Their is a handle on sides of the machine, which you should always grip hold tightly for smooth pressing of the weights.
  • This is your starting position. Slowly exhale as you press up the bars through platform using your leg strength.
Leg Press Machine
  • Stop just before your knees are straight. And wait for a second to pump up the peak position.
  • Now slowly exhale as you bring the bars up with your knees bending as they move down, till they are at 90 degrees.
  • Straighten your legs and push up the weight. i.e. repeat above steps from starting position.


Leg Press Video:



  • You should push the weight with the ball of your foot and bring down with the hamstrings for maximum muscle gains.
  • Make sure the platform is securely locked while re-racking the weights.

Muscles Used in Leg Press:

(Quardriceps,Hamstrings and Gluteus)


Muscles Used in Leg Press


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