How to Reduce Everyday Stress



In today’s life, from a school going kid to a service retired old man is going through stress in one or other ways Nowadays stress has become a part of everyone’s life !! . So if you gets in stress often in your life and is unable to find an answer to: How to Reduce stress?”, then you are on the right place

  • Laughter is good for our health . It helps in relaxing us and gives us a break, in stressful situations. so one should Laugh often as -(Smiling reduces stress too!)

  • it is for sure that one can’t avoid all stress, but one can reduce the negative effects it has on your body
    by learning the technique:
    to relax Neuro feedback is a very good way to make relaxation a natural part of your life.

  • Being under constant stress can be  a huge risk to our health. Stress is meant to be a protective reaction. It is an alert for you to make changes. When this alert signal remains on, it causes damage. so Don’t ever ignore your stress.

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