Deadlift is one of the best compound exercise that works on many muscles at the same time and builds the perfect Upper body. It not only increases the mass and strength of back muscles but also builds overall body strength and structure. If you want to build huge arms, then this exercise will help to get them, as it is compound exercise and involves forearms and biceps to a great extent. So you simply cannot afford to miss this exercise for every time you hit the gym. But don’t get excited, reportedly this exercise has injured maximum number of bodybuilders. So correct form and few precautions is must for the Deadlift.

Deadlift Correct Form:


Deadlift is a bit tricky to master, as it involves balancing and lot of coordination and has risk or injuries if incorrectly performed, requires a step by step guide to be followed. Here they are:


  • The first and the most important step is to achieve the right stance. You should place your hands over the barbell, shoulder width apart. Either normal overhand or alternating under/lower hand grip can be used. Alternate grip is preferred especially if you are a beginner.
  • Now adjust your posture by keeping your back straight and spine neutral. Bend down and lift the weight. Always start with light weight.  Your feet should be less than hip width apart.




  • Lift the bar up and keep your shoulders and back straight and arms tight on bar.
  • Push up the weight with your legs while chest outwards at front. Keep your body aligned, hips bent backwards and back straight at all times.
  • Now slowly lower the weight down, keeping your back straight, to the starting position. One repetition ends when the bar touches the floor.
  • Do 2-3 sets with 10-12 repetitions each.


Deadlift Video:


Tips and Precautions:


  1. Always warm up properly prior starting up with Deadlifts. Lift light weights initially specially if you are a beginner.
  1. If you have back problems, avoid this exercise or use dumbbells instead of bar.
  1. To prevent injuries, don’t lift too heavy and always have a spotter near you.
  1. For variety, you may do Romanian Lifts or trigger the range of motions in Deadlift.


Muscles Used in Deadlift:

It works on variety of muscles including Abdomen,Back, Legs, Hips and Forearms.

Deadlift Muscles Worked


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