The simplest and most common abs workout is Crunches, which is more or like similar to sit ups, except that instead of lifting your full back off the floor, here you only lift your upper back. Also called stomach crunches, they hit your upper abs and thus giving a perfect up to your your 6 pack abs goal. If you are aiming to only get flat stomach, then read How to Reduce Fat instead as this wont help much in reducing your belly, for that you need to reduce your overall body fat first. Although this exercise is core for abs building.

Crunches Video:


Correct form of this exercise is very important else you will end up getting a spine injury or back pain. Just crunching rapidly with speed wont help you at all. However by following these simple precautions and steps, you will move towards your goal of 6 packs.


Correct Form of Crunches:


  • First of all find a wide bench or lie on the floor on mat or carpet.
  • Now you may keep your hands folded across your neck or you may place them crossed over your chest.
  • Now curl up and forward, with your shoulders towards the top, use abdominal muscles to curl up.



  • Squeeze your abs, and slowly get down to the initial position.
  • Start crunching again once your shoulders touch the floor.
  • Always keep yourself as straight as possible, and face upwards.
  • Keep your back flat down throughout the movement.
  • Do 15-20 repetitions of 3 sets.



  • If your back aches, prop up your feet to make it easy, and/or consult a physician.
  • Your back should be straight always, top avoid any injury.
  • Focus on loosing overall body fat for perfect abs.


Muscles Used in Crunches:

Crunches Muscles Targetted

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