Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine


Cristiano Ronaldo


CR7 as the world knows him. Ronaldo is the present captain of the Portugal football team. He started off his club career with Manchester United and has been the part of their champions league winning team. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid when he was offered a record breaking contract off 128 million dollars. He has seen many highs and lows in his career, his latest high being when he took his national team to the semifinals of the euro cup. In his club season for Real Madrid he scored a whopping 60 goals and was second behind Lionel Messi. Ronaldo has a child but is not married. Here is the workout plan for Cristiano Ronaldo which keeps him in such tight condition. Read more… “Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine”

Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout Tips

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout

Shahrukh Khan, the name is enough. SRK is the biggest movie star on earth. His stardom is on the very top of all the industries of cinema. With millions of fans following him wherever he goes, SRK is on the top. His brilliant looks and acting  has made him the heart throbe of Bollywood. He is also one of the fittest actor and has managed to stay healthy even after being addicted to smoking. Read more… “Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout Tips”

Brock Lesnar Wokout


Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar Workout

Brock Lesnar is former WWE superstar, who had a powerful and scary body. He was born July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota. He is former 3-time WWE champion and current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesnar is 6ft. 3″ tall. and weighs 276 lbs. But his body is more swift than athletes 100 pounds lighter. So check out his workout plan and videos: Read more… “Brock Lesnar Wokout”

Batista Workout and Diet




Batista Workout and Diet

The WWE superstar David Batista has the best body in WWE. He is often called “The Animal” because of the way he fights and the power he has. Batista was declared the “Hottest WWE superstar”. His height is 6’6″ and weighs 290pounds. Batista has millions of fans throughout the world and everyone want’s to know the Diet secret behind this huge body. So check out his daily workout and Diet routine: Read more… “Batista Workout and Diet”

Akshay Kumar Body and Diet


Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar Diet– Fit Hai Boss !!

Undoubtedly, Akshay Kumar has one of the best physique in Bollywood. For him, working out gives a lot of pleasure and the fact of having martial art background supports him too. He stands 6’1″ tall. The immense confidence of Akshay comes from his fabulously fit body. So let’s find out what his fitness mantra is: Read more… “Akshay Kumar Body and Diet”

Salman Khan Body Workout and Diet

Salman Khan Body Workout Diet

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has the best body in Bollywood. He is a mega star. Salman’s body is not like of a bodybuilder, but good muscles, perfect shaped and almost nil fat, says personal trainer D’souza!. People usually assume that Salman uses steroids to rip his body but that’s really not the case. So, Lets check how he keeps his body fit: Read more… “Salman Khan Body Workout and Diet”