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Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator

  [calc id=2222]   1. Enter your Height, Weight, Age and Gender. 2. Press “Calculate” button to calculate the Daily Energy Expenditure.    

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Pounds to Kilograms Calculator

[calc id=47]   All you need to do is enter the value in pounds you want to change into Kilograms. Press Calculate button. This is the most needy calculator for health and weight lifting calculations, so feel free to come … Continue reading

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Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

[calc id=741] Enter the required fields above to calculate the daily calories you need to consume to stay fit and healthy. Compare your results:

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Body Fat Calculator

[calc id=1528] Enter your weight, waist size, wrist size, hip size, forearm size and gender above in the calculator to and press the calculate button. Compare your Fat% :-    

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Body Mass Index Calculator

[calc id=1489] Press the Calculate button above after entering your height and weight. You are:- Underweight if BMI< 18.5 Normal weight if BMI= 18.5–24.9 Overweight if BMI = 25–29.9 Obese if BMI >= 30

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