Deadlift is one of the best compound exercise that works on many muscles at the same time and builds the perfect Upper body. It not only increases the mass and strength of back muscles but also builds overall body strength and structure. If you want to build huge arms, then this exercise will help to get them, as it is compound exercise and involves forearms and biceps to a great extent. So you simply cannot afford to miss this exercise for every time you hit the gym. But don’t get excited, reportedly this exercise has injured maximum number of bodybuilders. So correct form and few precautions is must for the Deadlift. Read more… “Deadlift”

Pull Ups for Back

Pull Ups

pull chin ups


Pull ups or Chin Ups being One of the oldest exercise is still undisputed king in the Back exercises. Their are many variation to this exercise, but proper form of any of them gives the result. Though Pull Ups can be a bit difficult for beginners but slowly and steadily one can gain strength and be able to perform it correctly. Pull Up for Back is rated:- 9.4 out of 10 –EXCELLENT. Read more… “Pull Ups for Back”

Seated Cable Rows



Seated Cable Rows is an excellent exercise to get your back in shape and build muscles. All you need is a rowing machine with a v-bar as shown above. This exercise focuses on your biceps, lats, traps, teres major and rhomboids muscles and is among best back exercises to develop the lats. Most of the people does this exercise jerking, and using body momentum which can lead to many back injuries and no gains. Read more… “Seated Cable Rows”