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Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya: Papaya is not only rich in taste but is also very beneficial for health. This fruit is very easily available in every season. It has vitamin A, C, and beta carotene. At the same time vitamin B and Vitamin … Continue reading

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Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout Tips

Shahrukh Khan Diet and Workout Shahrukh Khan, the name is enough. SRK is the biggest movie star on earth. His stardom is on the very top of all the industries of cinema. With millions of fans following him wherever he … Continue reading

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Turmeric Prevents Cancer

    From the ancient times turmeric is used in the form of Antiseptic In India. Even now the Western countries are proving it by their research. In a recent research in America it has been found that even terrible … Continue reading

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Front Squats

    Another form of Squats ,the Front squats can really help you achieve that great lower body. The only difference here is that the barbell is placed ahead of the shoulder blades rather than behind the neck like in … Continue reading

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Deepika Padukone Height Weight

  The beautiful Bollywood actress and former model Deepika Padukone is globally liked for her style, acting and figure. Born in a sports family, she still chose acting as a career and didn’t will in sports. After the dashing loveable … Continue reading

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Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator

  [calc id=2222]   1. Enter your Height, Weight, Age and Gender. 2. Press “Calculate” button to calculate the Daily Energy Expenditure.    

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Crunches: The simplest and most common abs workout is Crunches, which is more or like similar to sit ups, except that instead of lifting your full back off the floor, here you only lift your upper back. Also called stomach … Continue reading

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Aishwarya Rai Diet and Workout Tips

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan for sure is one of the most beautiful and attractive Actress not just inĀ  Bollywood, but also in the world. She has millions of fans followers and is famous for her beauty and curves throughout the globe. … Continue reading

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