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Bipasha Basu Stats

  Bipasha Basu Height Weight   Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu was the Ford supermodel before her appearance in Indian Film Industry. Bipasha Basu is globally known for her fitness and her glamorous looks. Bipasha was born on January 7th 1979 … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise Height Weight

  Tom Cruise Height Weight Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise has been the pin-up guy for a generation of girls. He is Internationally iconic for his brilliant acting and looks. Age of nearly 50 and being Listed in top 3 Actors … Continue reading

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Salman Khan Height Weight

Salman Khan Height Weight     Salman Khan is a star of the masses. For millions his fans, the style of his dialogue delivery and his on-screen aura is enough to make a film worth watching. Salman Khan’s muscular body … Continue reading

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Shahrukh Khan Height Weight

  Shahrukh Khan Height Weight The Baadshah of Bollywood, King Khan is the biggest movie star on the Planet. He is known globally for his many roles. People are crazy for him all over the world. He has won numerous … Continue reading

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How to Get Fair Naturally

  Beauty is one of the most important factor which affects your personality and confidence. Now a days many girls and boys too, are undergoing facial surgeries to improve their skin complexion. If you are one who has tried many … Continue reading

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Britney Spears Diet

Britney Spears Diet     Britney Spears after the “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.. was ready on the way to become international symbol. With a height of 5ft 4 inches, and weight around 100 lbs,Britney manages to keep her … Continue reading

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Close Grip Bench Press

  Close Grip Bench Press is like a boost for triceps muscles and is an essential part of all triceps workouts. You might have seen WWE stars performing this exercise, this also proves this exercise to be amongst the best … Continue reading

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Ronnie Coleman Diet

Ronnie Coleman Diet Ronnie Coleman is eight times Mr. Olympia, and the holds the record for IFFB wins. He is amongst the best bodybuilders ever. Ronnie has a height of 5ft. 11 inches and weighs around 140kgs. He admits that … Continue reading

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Body Fat Calculator

[calc id=1528] Enter your weight, waist size, wrist size, hip size, forearm size and gender above in the calculator to and press the calculate button. Compare your Fat% :-    

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Body Mass Index Calculator

[calc id=1489] Press the Calculate button above after entering your height and weight. You are:- Underweight if BMI< 18.5 Normal weight if BMI= 18.5–24.9 Overweight if BMI = 25–29.9 Obese if BMI >= 30

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