MuscleBlaze Whey Protein Review

MuscleBlaze Whey Protein: Is it worth buying?


If you are from India and does weight lifting then you must have heard about MuscleBlaze Whey protein, probably because of its price. And as we know that genuine supplements in India are pretty expensive, so price is something that has to be kept in mind while buying a new one.

Not so long ago, an Indian company came into market with its sports supplements range and it gained attention of all Indian gym goers because they were selling it much cheaper than international brands like ON, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize etc.

You must have seen the product on and read about it and might be wondering if its the right stuff to buy. Here i am gonna review the protein based on my experience and other gathered info from genuine buyers, so that you can decide whether this is worth your hard earned money or you should skip it and buy other brand’s protein for few bucks more. Continue reading

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Preacher Curls for Biceps

Preacher Curls

preacher curls

Have you ever noticed that Preacher Curl bench is the staple of any fitness club? There is a reason for it. Simple- It Works. It is a great exercise to build overall biceps muscles and prevents you from cheating the form. This exercise is recommended by every bodybuilder, so you cant afford to miss this one every time you train your biceps in gym. Lets check it out:- Continue reading

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John Abraham Diet Plan

John Abraham Body


You all will agree to the fact that “John Abraham has the best body in Bollywood”. John had a lean, model type physique when he came in came in film industry. Don’t you remember the ‘Kabir’ of YRF Dhoom? But now, he has completely transformed his body into a much bulkier and bodybuilder type look, and is appreciated globally by his fans for this. So, what makes this Vegetarian celebrity look so look so ripped and perfect, with over 18inch biceps and 8 pack abs? Lets check out what John has to say about his Meals: Continue reading

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How to Lose Weight Fast

  • lose-weight-fast

Now a days 1 out of every 3 persons is either Overweight or Obese. If you are one of them who is searching for quick and easy weight loss tips and really want some good results then you are on the right site and you don’t need to waste any time searching about weight loss. So here are the 10 best possible ways to lose weight fast and stay fit: Continue reading

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Are Protein Supplements good for you?


Whey Protein Shake

Whey Protein Shakes


How many of us out there think and then rethink when the term protein supplements or protein shakes come to your mind. This one is for all of you out there who end up thinking about it. This article is purely based on my experiences with a particular brand of protein and how I have benefited from it.

Continue reading

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Whey Protein Benefits and Side Effects

Whey Protein

Whey protein is derived from cow’s milk. It is commonly used as a dietary supplement by athletes and bodybuilders in order to increase muscle mass and overall performance. Basically its the protein which is the building block of life and is pivotal for muscle growth as muscle cells are also made up of protein. And Whey is one of the best absorbed forms of protein in the body, so supplementing with whey can be a healthy option. But there are many side effects reported by using whey protein, so lets check out whether it is worth consuming. Continue reading

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Cameron Diaz Workout and Diet

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood today. She shot to fame from the movie Charlie’s Angels and has given her voice to movies like Shrek. The 40 year old has always been the talk of the town for her amazingly youthful looks and her acting abilities last seen in the movie Bad Teacher. This pretty lady has partnered men like Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper. There must be something about this pretty woman that must be getting the top boys from Hollywood going after her. Let’s see what she does to keep her in such good shape at all times. Continue reading

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dumbbell lunges


It is a common exercises that primarily targets the quadriceps muscles, and the Calves, Hamstrings and Glutes as secondary targets. Lunges is a result oriented exercises which can be seen in almost no time as your toned legs, so is effective, and one should always include it in his/her leg workout day. Due to more than one muscle working at on time, it can be called a compound exercise. Though it is a good exercise for your legs, but don’t use it as basic exercise for leg muscles, rather Squats and Leg Press should only be your primary exercises for legs. For women Lunges has to be primary exercise, as it is easier than other exercises, for more defined and toned legs. Continue reading

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Leg Extension


Leg Extension

Leg Extension

The most common leg exercise ‘Leg Extensions’ is an effective isolated movement that targets the quadriceps muscles. Almost every gym has the extension machine, though in different shapes or style, they more or less targets the same muscle group. Leg Extension must be a part of your leg workout routine, but it should not be treated as a primary or complete workout for legs, like Squats or Deadlift. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Height Weight


Justin Bieber


The young teen sensation Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer and musician, is living a King size life. From an excellent career and money to the hottest girl friend Selena Gomez, Justin has everything one could only dream of. Son of a single mother who got pregnant at the age of 18, used to post his singing videos on you tube and he was soon discovered by ‘Scooter Braun’. He made his debut in 2009, and in merely 3 years he has gained immense popularity throughout the globe for his talent. Around 15 million albums of Justin were sold as on May,2012.

There are rumors of him hiring a personal trainer Jordan Yuam, who even trained Taylor Lautner. Guess he is getting concious about his health or physique, as he admits to be junk food freak like every teenager. So lets check out Justin Bieber’s Body Stats and some unknown interesting facts about him. Continue reading

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